Well that’s me seven months into my new role as Lecturer in Scottish Ethnology. I turned my freelance life upside down, left Glasgow (still pining) and set up shop in Portobello and Edinburgh (less rain, live beside the beach, could be worse!).

Here I am designing the new Masters in Traditional Arts Performance, researching and teaching Scottish traditional arts and culture, ethnomusicology, artistic research, creativity and performance, and contributing to the School of Scottish Studies Archives (national treasure). Sometimes my job requires that I sing ballads all the day long: I feel like the luckiest human on earth.

I do miss my challenging, lively team at Traditional Music, Royal Conservatoire of Scotland (joined the dept. in 1999 as a Scottish Music undergrad) but I know they’ll be over to the archives occasionally. And I’m hoping we might see a few of them on the new Masters course and for a collaboration or two along the way.

Some interesting things happening in Celtic & Scottish Studies at Edinburgh University these days, connect with us here: