Duncan and I recorded a cover for the Glad Cafe fundraiser (major roof repairs needed to save one of my favourite venues/organisations in the world – see the campaign here).

Emily Scott (hero) of modernstudiestheband.com thought to bring together an album of musicians and bands covering each others’ songs. It was all very exciting as we waited to hear from our mystery coverer. The resulting album is an epic 22 tracks of beautiful, warm, thrashy, intricate, raw and shiny camaraderie.

Our track is ‘Occupy My Hours’, a song from Broken Chanter’s (new project from Kid Canaveral’s David MacGregor) brand new album. It was so easy to get inside those words.

My song ‘Is It Over?’ was covered by the silky smooth voice of Hannah Fisher, lucky me. And the whole project was wrestled into mastery by my Iain Morrison bandmate and Modern Studies dude Pete Harvey at his Pumpkinfield Music .

Thanks to Duncan Lyall for his brilliant creativity and production.

Go and buy the album. Here’s our track for a wee preview.

Good vibes all round.