I had the pleasure of co-authoring a chapter in this book with Charlotte Gilmore. The book features a variety of real experiences told with considerable insight by music professionals, and Charlotte, Nic and the other authors draw helpful learning points and give their own interpretation of events in relation to organisational and management theories.

My chapter is a very honest account of an early composition experience, as it felt at the time. I was in the middle of a reflection phase for my doctoral compositions. My own writing at this time was painfully honest, this was necessary to provide research value, tangible learning and progress in my creative work, and that is reflected in my telling of this story. 

Previous to this, a field interview for Nic Beech was a turning point in my own research, particularly in terms of reflection and self-fieldwork. A nice conclusion came when Nic was there to hand me my PhD as Dean of Arts at St Andrews a few years later.

The articulation of tacit knowledge is still a key interest for me.