The ambitious Strathspey and Surreal Society (a 24-piece fiddle band like you have never heard before) have just completed our third concert headlining the Old Fruitmarket at Celtic Connections festival playing nine pieces of new music by traditional music composers.

After 2016’s dynamic debut, the Strathspey and Surreal Society is back, with more inventive new music composed to build on the repertoire of Scotland’s Strathspey and Reel Society network – longtime local clubs where many luminary musicians first learned their craft – presented alongside new improved versions of the pieces premièred a year ago. The project was jointly dreamt up by concertina maverick (and all-round folk-scene mover and shaker) Simon Thoumire and Lau fiddler Aidan O’Rourke.”

Here’s the live video of our first concert from January 2016 playing 4 newly composed pieces.