Winter is a time of dramatic weather and reflection as the landscape changes and we prepare for new growth.

Selected lyrics come from a poem by Professor John Veitch (1829-1894) written on 2nd January 1886 titled ‘In Yarrow’.

Wishing you all a safe and cosy Winter.
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Vocal, fiddle, percussion by Lori Watson
Lyrics by Prof John Veitch (1829-1894) and Lori Watson
Composed and arranged by Lori Watson
Recorded by Lori Watson at Red Deer Studios
Mixed by Duncan Lyall at Red Deer Studios
Mastered by Iain Hutchison at GloWormRecording

Thanks to Creative Scotland for supporting this work


Dark and brooding, windswept, contoured, joyful, turbulent, sparse: Yarrow is an evolving collection of traditional and original songs and new music by Lori Watson.

Yarrow is an exploration of human connections to nature and one another, through time, inspired by the Yarrow valley in the Scottish Borders. The project centres on the development of a contemporary album that carries these themes beyond conventional folk sounds, and as part of the exploration a series of acoustic singles will be released (Yarrow Acoustic Sessions).

“With Yarrow taking place over a couple of years, I can give more time and space to allowing the music to develop towards the final album and share the experience as we go in the monthly acoustic singles: so yeah there’s an element of risk in that I don’t quite know what’s going to evolve.”

“I’m interested in unfinished works and fragments, whether traditional or original. They’ve always been inspiring starting points for me. In Yarrow I’m creating and interpreting fragments; crafting something that expresses the connections between us and our environment spanning hundreds of years: and then it’s filtered by what inspires and resonates with me right now.”

Scots Singer of the Year, Lori Watson is a fiddle player, singer and composer. She has drawn on the rich tradition of the Scottish Borders throughout her artistic life, including experimental works and a PhD thesis and creative folio exploring innovation and contemporary traditional music practice.

A folk musician with considerable pedigree, Lori is touring and recording with Boreas, Iain Morrison and a range of other solo and collaborative projects, and has six albums in circulation, including two critically acclaimed albums with her trio Rule of Three. But this is Lori’s first significant song work and she aims to let us in on the process as well as the finished products.